What Are Your Goals?

weight loss goalsIt is very important to have your goals mapped out when you are starting any weight loss or fitness program. Through time you may find these goals change but, you will always have more success if you have a mark to shoot for.

For example with weight loss, most people have a number in their head as to how much weight they would like to lose but, it is important to make that number more specific, especially when you first get started. Your goals should also be broken down into long and short term goals.  For example, if your overall, long term goal is to lose 30 pounds, you can break that up into increments of 5 pounds or even smaller. Something as simple as 1 pound per week is a great way to keep on track.

For fitness you may have different goals. A good example would be someone who wants to gain muscle. They may go more by weight gain or measure in inches for certain body parts such as chest or biceps. You can also look at your muscle to fat percentages when it comes to gaining lean muscle. Again though it is important to have a goal as well as smaller goals to hit on the way.

Even when it comes to something simple as just getting in better shape or general fitness, you need to have a mark to hit to help keep you going. Maybe you want to get your endurance up, then your goal would be time based for something like running, biking, etc..

If you are looking to get stronger then you simply need to have a lifting goal, add 50 pounds to your bench press or 20 pounds to your shoulder press.

By setting goals you will be kept on track because they will give you something to shoot for and every day you work towards that you will feel more accomplished and inspired to keep going. As you reach some of your smaller goals it is also inspiring because now you can physically see the progress which will make you want it more.

On the flip side, if you do not keep up on your workout program you will notice you are not getting any closer o your goals. This should tell you you need to either change what you are doing or possibly let you know you are not doing enough.

You should use your goals to motivate and inspire you more then anything else. Here is one of the best movie speeches given and although it may not be related to your goals word for word, it can be related to just about every thing in life.

The thing I love about that speech is it is true about everything in life. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger, run faster or anything else. Each one of those inches is a small goal attained and you can do it if you are willing to put in what it takes.

Our goal here at SuperSlimShop.com is to help you attain those goals whether it be through the articles we post or the products we review. We are here to help you obtain your goals, inch by inch!

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